Proposal Format

We have two formats of proposals:

  • Long Form - This is done on Google Docs and is a long form document, often spanning anywhere between 60 and 120 pages.

  • Short Form - This is a Google Slides document that is shorter and is more suitable for smaller proposals and also as a summarized version of the long form proposal, that can be given to key stakeholders.

Images for Proposal

  • For icons, you can use and use our red code #e3211a when choosing a color.

  • For proposal cover images, use to search and find an appropriate image.

Overall Structure

  1. Introduction - An introduction letter signed by a senior member of the Mäd team.

  2. Our Understanding of the Project

    1. Overview

    2. General Scope of Work

    3. Risks (only if required)

  3. Key Objectives

    1. Short Term Key Objectives

    2. Long Term key Objectives

  4. Scope of Work

    1. Feature Overview

    2. Phase Overview

  5. Out of Scope

  6. Summary of Deliverables

  7. Timelines

    1. Known Timelines

    2. Any Estimated Timelines

    3. Calendar View (only if required)

  8. Pricing

    1. Pricing Breakdown

    2. Pricing Schedule

    3. Any estimated items

    4. Total Combined Pricing (if there are multiple modules/phases)

    5. Make It Happen.™ Approach

    6. Mäd Guarantee on Invoicing

  9. Appendix A - Case Studies

  10. Appendix B - Team Profile

  11. Appendix C - Company Profile

  12. Appendix D - Frequently Asked Questions

  13. Contractual Terms and Conditions

  14. Signatories

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