Using Company Money (Expenses)

Using Company Money

As a simple rule of thumb, use company money as if it was your own. Don’t spend unnecessarily, but also don’t skimp on spending money when required. We trust your judgement on this matter.

For small everyday expenses, just keep a receipt (digital or printed) and add it to Team Expenses Project in Bloo.

For larger expenses than your limit allows, speak to someone who has a higher spending limit (See Expense Limits for details) and ask them to approve the expense via email (so there is a written record of the approval) before you go ahead and spend.


For larger spending, request money upfront from @manny via the Team Expenses project on Bloo, the earlier the better. Bring back receipts plus change.

Expenses Limits

These are per expense, not per month.

  • Everyone can spend up to $100

  • @manny no limit

    • Board approval by unanimous consent required for any expense that can be deemed a “large capital expenditure.”

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