Internal transparency is really important for us at Mäd as it allows for open discussions, the freedom to share information, and allows everyone deeper insights into the work that we're doing, and why certain decisions are made. We are constantly looking for ways to be more transparent with our operations.

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  • Team Salaries - This document show what everyone in the company is earning, with both Net and Gross amounts.

  • Free Cash Flow Analysis - See where the money is going! You can see what we've spent historically, how much money is in the bank, and what management is planning to spend money on in the next six months. This is split into "actuals" and "projections". Actual free cash flow is all the known income and expenses, while the projected free cash flow adds potential projects that are coming in, hires, and any other spending that we haven't yet confirmed.

  • Client Details - Need to contact a particular person at a client company? All key contact details of team members on the client-side can be found in this document.

  • Team Details - Information on anyone, past or present, who has worked at Mäd.

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