Month 1

Probie gets used to our way of doing things and gets familiar with our tools – Google Suite and Team Drives, Asana, Visual Studio, Officevibe, etc.

We should expect some mistakes and lots of questions!

Assign a peer to help with Onboarding.

Review along with peers and direct superior and inform if current performance would pass the probationary period

If yes…great!

If no…discuss areas for improvement to ensure a pass.

Month 2

Same drill as Month 1

Month 3

Before the end of Month 3, Probie and Team Lead will meet to discuss performance and next steps.

If it’s a Non-Pass, Team Lead will explain the reasons for the result and why the fit isn’t there. Next step is immediate removal after confirming the last pay calculation (if last day doesn’t fall on a payday)

If it’s a Pass, new KPI’s will be discussed and agreed between Member and Team Leader. Member will then receive a confirmation email and a copy of new KPI’s.

Insurance form for filling in and added to corporate policy. Confirmed Hätter will also be added to the Netflix account

Unlimited Leaves now apply!

IMPORTANT: salary adjustment is NOT automatic. Depends on Probie’s performance and proof of added value to the role, team and organization.

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