Up-skilling Budget

There is an approximate budget of $50/person for a selected mode of learning. If the cost is more than $50, no sweat, there is wiggle room for this.

Inform @manny via email or direct message that you want to take a course, join a webinar/seminar, buy a publication (digital or print)…

Office Bar

We have a well-stocked bar in the office, so pour yourself a drink!

Playstation 4

We're FIFA addicts at Mäd, matches happen daily at 5pm in our war room.


You’ll be part of the Mäd corporate account. You will receive email and password log-in information either via email or instant message.


Mäd is under Forte’s Medi+ Classic Health Plan. Hätters are covered for in Southeast Asia:

  • Inpatient procedures – when you need to be admitted

  • Outpatient procedures – check-ups and other procedures recommended by the doctor/ specialist where you don’t need to be admitted

  • Emergency/Accident coverage

  • Medical Evacuation

  • Full policy details are here. Full hospital list is here.

Once you’ve passed probation, you will receive an Insurance Application form to fill in and a detailed brochure. Anything unclear or wish to clarify, look for @erika.

You’re also given an option to apply for coverage for Dependents – spouses, children. Your Dependents will be enrolled under the Mäd corporate policy but the premium will be paid for by them (or yourself, via salary deduction or cash).

Mobile Top Up

USD 10 is the monthly allowance, included in monthly salary payments.

Visas & Work Permits

If you need a visa or a work permit to work in Cambodia, Mad will pay for it. For visas, simply give your passport to Finance Team, and they’ll return it with a one-year visa.

Note that this is only applicable after the probation period.

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