Website Go-Live Checklist
These are some things to think about in the days and week leading up to a website launch for a customer.
    SEO description and meta tags for each page
    Check on all screen types on Webflow, and all browsers and lots of devices
    Image sizes per device (Webflow does this automatically)
    Spelling checks --> Entire website should be read by native language speaker of main site language
    PageSpeed Insights check (at least 80)
    Ensure HTTPS is on and the domain is configured correctly.
    If Webflow, ensure which account the website will be hosted on, and setup client billing if required.
    Backup source code and send to client once final payment as been received.
    Check Contact Form and Job Forms email correctly and save data as expected
    Check that links to outside websites open in new tabs
    Check that we have a credits link to mä if that is in the contract. This should open a new tab.
    Check that all photography or assets are final versions and have been paid for or signed off with models
    Google Analytics Setup
Last modified 2yr ago
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