Website Go-Live Checklist

These are some things to think about in the days and week leading up to a website launch for a customer.
  • SEO description and meta tags for each page
  • Check on all screen types on Webflow, and all browsers and lots of devices
  • Image sizes per device (Webflow does this automatically)
  • Spelling checks --> Entire website should be read by native language speaker of main site language
  • PageSpeed Insights check (at least 80)
  • Ensure HTTPS is on and the domain is configured correctly.
  • If Webflow, ensure which account the website will be hosted on, and setup client billing if required.
  • Backup source code and send to client once final payment as been received.
  • Check Contact Form and Job Forms email correctly and save data as expected
  • Check that links to outside websites open in new tabs
  • Check that we have a credits link to mä if that is in the contract. This should open a new tab.
  • Check that all photography or assets are final versions and have been paid for or signed off with models
  • Google Analytics Setup