Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software a project in Asana that allows us to track at which stage of the buying process the various companies that we are talking are at. We can also loop in team mates if required to add design files, mockups, and presentations, or just inform them of what is going on.

The buying stages are:

  • Unqualified – We don’t know this prospect, or we have not identified if they have a serious interest in purchasing from Mäd or moving forward with the project.

  • Qualified To Buy – The prospect has committed to do the project in a given timeframe but has not yet chosen a vendor. They have enough budget to potentially buy from Mäd.

  • Preparing Proposal – We have received a formal RFP (Request for Proposal) and are currently working with the prospect to understand their requirements and be able to price accordingly.

  • Proposal Sent – The prospect has received a formal priced proposal from Mäd.

  • Proposal Back and Forth – We're currently negotiating the proposal based on feature set, pricing, timelines, and other details. This is a strong buying signal.

  • Closed Won – The prospect has signed a contract and awarded the project to Mäd.

  • Closed Lost – The prospect has informed Mäd that our bid was not successful, or we have not heard back from the prospect after the three follow-ups within one month.

  • Project Completed – Testimonials and feedback to be gathered.

Each prospect becomes a “to-do” item in this Asana CRM and we have the following details on them:

  • Company Name

  • Individual Contact Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email

  • Potential Contract Value in $.

Outbound vs Inbound CRM

Our Inbound CRM is for prospects that come to us via any of the following ways:

  • Website inquiries

  • Customer referrals

  • Word of Mouth

  • Any other non-direct means of contact

Our outbound CRM is for prospects that we are specifically targeting based on their company profile:

  • Pushed referrals

  • Advertising (currently we don't do any, but we've done this in the past)

  • Credentials meeting requests

  • Cold Calls

So essentially:

Inbound: Prospect --> Mäd

Outbound: Mäd --> Prospect

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