Salary Scale

$3,000 up (Leadership)

  • Team member has a deep understanding of the entire business including operations and finance.

  • Fully understands the Mäd brand and is able to drive the organization forwards both in strategy and execution.

$2,000 up (Discipline Head/ Project Lead Level)

  • Leads and manages a team of 7+ people at Mäd. Provides coaching/mentoring and helps develop their members’ career paths

  • Can work independently most of time, checking in only when required for certain edge cases.

  • Brings expertise and experience to the role; makes decisions aligned with company values and principles

  • Holds and builds key day-to-day relationships with Clients, peers and all other strategic partners.

  • Finds opportunities for organic growth and/or involved in new business

  • Has started to actively drive the organization forwards in small ways

  • Actively contributes to the Mad brand

    • Ideas

    • Case Studies

    • Talks

$1,000 up (Senior Frontliner)

  • Understands far more of the brand and company values. Lives and abides by these values.

  • Fully understands the work standards required including speed, timeliness, accuracy

  • Bring added value to the role, able to anticipate needs and provide solutions/ ideas to the work or for Mäd

  • May be roped in for ad hoc projects of any nature, including but not limited to internal.

  • Still requires some management from team lead.

$750 up (Advanced Frontliner)

  • The team member can now be left to work without being checked some of the time, but still cannot achieve consistent Mad standard quality work by themselves.

  • Has gained an overview of the Mad brand.

$300 up (Junior Frontliner)

  • Talented (otherwise they would not work at Mäd!) but require a large amount of overview to ensure standards are upheld.

  • Still learning and understanding the Mäd brand.

  • A high-functioning sponge!

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