Key Design Team Roles

Head of UX & Design

This person will know the project since the pitching stage, contractual and scope of work. Their main role is to lead the business requirement, overall experience and define the problems that project want to solve. He will be involved in the design thinking process, design sprint and workshop, once all of those problems solving workshop are done, and client and Mad agreed with the challenge that we want to solve with this project, the head of design will hands off a bit from the project and give the free hand of solutions finding, to the Product designer. Once the project hand over to the product designer, the head of UX & designer will work on deliverable timelines, communicate to his team, oversight the quality of work and outcome from a high level point of view.

Product Designer

Product Designer will be bring on the project at the Kick off meeting. He main role is to work on the solution findings and lead the whole project not only as a UX/UI designer but also product designer. Work on finding the solution that both will solve the customers experience but also match with the business requirement. He/she will work on building the new proposed Customers journey to improve from the existing experience and solve the paint points. Product Designer act as the Lead of the project. He has the right to take any directions of kind of solution as long as it will match the problems statement that was define by the Head of UX and business requirement.

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