Brand Assets

Brand Assets

How to type the “ä”.

If you’re using a Mac, press down on the letter “a”, and then hit the letter “4” to create the “ä”.
If that doesn’t work, try <alt+u>.
If you’re using Windows…go buy a Mac.
Our red is:
    Hex: #e3211a
    cmyk(0%, 85%, 89%, 11%)
    hsl(2, 79%, 50%)
    hwb(2, 10%, 11%)
    Ncol(R3, 10%, 11%)
You can find download links:

Corporate Fonts

    Poppins - The font that makes up the Mäd logotype.
    Ubuntu - Our font for everything.
    Unna - Complimentary serif font, for whenever you're feeling classy.
Last modified 2yr ago