AAR - After Action Review
The purpose of the AAR is to constantly improve our processes based on our experiences with projects.
Our current process for this is:
    Whole project team gets together after the project has been completed, booking between 1-2 hours.
    Project team ideates with sticky notes on what didn't work on the project, this can be anything from client communication, contractual issues, deliverables, etc.
    The facilitator creates categories of issues based on what he observes is being written down.
    Each team member puts their points on the board and category and gives an overview. No solutions are discussed.
    Everyone votes on what they feel are the most critical issues to avoid next time and fix right away.
    The facilitator takes the most voted issues and arranges them in a row.
    Solutions are discussed and one sticky note per solution is added. Multiple solutions for one issue is fine.
    Next steps to solve issues permanently are done.
    Spend 5-10 mins looking at what went well in the project!
Last modified 2yr ago
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