Hiring FAQ

Just like in any relationship, it’s only natural to want to know as much as you possibly can about the other person (or entity) before getting in any deeper. In any case scouring the Mäd website and our social media pages still doesn’t satisfy some basic queries, here’s a roundup of the Top 15 questions we encounter from most, if not all, candidate chats:

1. Would you have a JD for the role?

We normally start with a general definition of the core function in broad strokes but we tell candidates there is always room for them to build on the basic JD. Apart from the core function of their role, they may be roped in for internal or tangent requirements as needed. It’s also highly possible for the JD to completely evolve over time. Change is a constant, after all.

2. What does Mäd do (services)?

We work at the intersection of business, technology, and design to help our clients’ businesses move up. For specifics, check out the full suite we offer here.

3. Who are your Clients?

We are in a unique position to be selective about who we work with. Mostly, our Clients are organizations who value a strategic differentiation in their brands/businesses and not just tangible output. They have an idea (or ideas) they want to bring to reality and want to create a significant change in consumer behaviour and market dynamics.

Our Clients tend to be early adopters and forward-looking, as opposed to preferring to do things as they are usually and normally done. They are organizations who believe in partnership and collaboration. You can check out the full list here.

4. What’s your culture/work environment like?

We like to keep it casual and easy, but with a sharp focus on performance and learning through sharing ideas. Ours is a diverse multinational environment where the average age is 28 (because some of us stopped counting at 27, and others age in reverse.)

We don’t believe in having too many rules because we’re not in school! But yes, we have a few in place so it won’t be complete anarchy. We do operate largely based on sound principles and common sense.

We’re a Results-Oriented Work Environment: where output counts more than the hours you put in or where you work. Though there are times that being in one place with the rest of the team makes it easier and more fun.

We also believe in being transparent and sharing important information with our teams – the kind most companies are averse to making available – like salaries and the company’s general financial standing.

Most importantly, we are big proponents of work/life balance (or harmony, or whatever term’s en vogue): come in or leave whenever you want as long as the work is done and you come to meetings on time; work from where you’d be productive; be responsive during standard work hours of the work week and deliver to the expected standard!

5. What benefits do you offer (or salary range)?

We believe our salaries are quite competitive, leans toward the higher end of (informal) market standards and corresponds to the value one brings to the team and the company. Our rule of thumb is ‘good work is rewarded’.

  • We do have other benefits but they are rather modest compared to what most other more established organizations can offer:

  • Unlimited vacation policy after passing probation

  • Health/ accident insurance

  • Yearly upskilling budget and we will also buy any book that you want to read and add it to our library.

  • Netflix

  • Monthly mobile phone allowance

  • Team Lunches fortnightly

  • The best work equipment (MacBook Pros, iMacs)

  • Work permit and business visa arrangement

  • Get experience with a high-performance team

  • Add companies that are pushing the boundaries of your portfolio

Our biggest draw and crowd-favorite is our flexible working hours (see work/life balance)

6. Do you work weekends? What are your working hours?

Weekend work is not standard, only when required (i.e. events, matches, etc) or when you feel like it. See ‘work/life balance’

7. What nationalities are on your team?

The split is 80/20 favoring Cambodians. We are an eclectic mix of nationalities: British-Italian, Indonesian-Australian, Filipino, and Filipino-American.

8. Who owns Mäd?

  • The founder of the company owns 70%.

  • Votiva own 30% of the company.

9. Are you a local company?

We are regional with presence in Thailand and Vietnam. We just happen to be headquartered in Cambodia.

10. Where is your office?

We’ve just recently moved! Mäd is now on the first floor of the Loren Maison Building, #40, St. 240.

11. How big is the team?

We just hit the 25 pax mark.

12. How is Mäd structured?

We’re not into making things complex and bureaucratic, so we’re quite flat – there are no hierarchies.

The three ‘levels’ we have simply define the area/s of focus:

  • Management looks after company direction, growth, strategy, People and Brand

  • Team Leaders or Discipline Heads ensure we always provide a Great Customer Experience

  • Frontliners deliver the day to day stellar work we want to be known for

13. Great looking office (from website photos)

It will be even better!

14. What do the dots mean?

You’ll find out once you join.

15. What is the dress code?

Wear clothes.

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