Who should be there on the first day to do the onboarding? Suggested is @erika + team lead + one peer.


Preparation of contract that will include available information (name, designation) and salary details (gross and nett)

ABA Payroll

If member is not banking with ABA, they will need to open a simple savings account.

If member already has an account with ABA, member to pass the account info to Finance

Google Setup

  • Create email

  • Add to necessary groups

  • Two Factor Verification Setup

  • Team Drive Setup

    • Team member should already have access based on group permissions

Give Swag

Currently, just 2x of the latest Mad t-shirts.

Welcome Lunch

Doesn’t have to be fancy but to make new joiner feel comfortable. Company expense.

Asana Setup

  • Mäd HQ

  • HQ Announcements

  • Project Teams

Team Database

Team Leader to request for: Full name, scan of ID (National ID or passport + Visa), home address, mobile number, personal email address, birthday, computer serial number.

Request for Hardware

May be existing equipment or new purchase. Specify if Macbook Pro or iMac.

Mac/Hardware Setup

  • Macbook or iMac preferences should have been set prior to the start date, and hardware should be in the office prior to the new team member joining.

    • Designers receive an iMac 27inch, full specs.

    • Engineers receive a Macbook Pro.

      • 13inch (Junior Dev)

      • 15inch (Senior Devs)

    • Everyone else, free choice of Macbook 12inch, Macbook Pro 13inch, or iMac

      • Request for full spec kits need justification to @erika when requesting (i.e. Video, Photography editing, etc)

    • For Macbook users, they can request a mouse if required.

  • Keynote for Presentations

  • Install Official Fonts

  • See What We Use (Technology Stack) for any specific software that various roles need to install.

  • Download and Install Google Drive File Stream

  • See Suggested Software for some other optional software to install

Adobe Setup

If required, add email as an Adobe Creative Cloud license.

Telegram Setup

Team member to be added to groups as required by their role.

Official company groups are:

  • Mäd Hätters

  • Management

  • Digital

  • Digital Devs

  • Designers

  • Content

  • Creative

  • Finance


For Social Media or Website use. Coordinate with @erika and photographer for schedules.

KPIs & Expectations

Ideally, set within first week.

Monthly KPI’s to be set during the probation period to closely monitor performance/attitude and to easily determine if they are a keeper or a leaver.

KPI’s can be pre-discussed with Management if needed or set collectively with new joiner (there is some flexibility allowed for this area in terms of execution). Establish upfront that any salary adjustment after probation is not immediate and automatic.

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