Sometimes your own personal goals and the company's goals (or direction) start to take divergent paths and feel like Mäd is no longer the place for you. It happens, regardless of reason, and it's a natural feeling or reaction of any member in any company.

Before it gets to that breaking point, reach out to someone at work - a colleague or a senior member, it doesn't have to be someone you report to directly - and try to process the issues you are experiencing. Chances are, things may still be solvable.

But let's say you're over this already, some key things to keep in mind:

  • If you're a Department Head or Senior Member, your notice period is two months. This allows the company time to find a suitable replacement and for you to help with the handover to your replacement.

    • It would be much appreciated if you can also provide leads to potential replacements or recommended talents.

  • Mid-level to junior members are contractually required to give a month's notice.

  • We have no strict template for the Resignation Letter but the minimum content should include the reason/s for leaving and your effective last day.

Whenever resignation letters are received, the matter is discussed among the Management Team and specific next steps are agreed as each resignation is not like the last one.

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