Status Updates

Status Updates

These are small updates at the end of the day that let everyone in the company know what you were up to. The reason we do these status updates is to promote transparency and to develop a rhythm where no-one is wondering if something is being worked on or not.

Doing these status updates is one of the few compulsory habits that we enforce at Mad.

General guidelines for status updates:

  • Every day that you’re working.

  • Colours

    • Green – I’m doing great

    • Yellow – Okay day

    • Red – I’m stuck!

  • Bullet Points for each thing accomplished

  • Using % completion

  • Using #hashtags

  • @ people who you worked with

  • Any fun facts for the day

Sample update for green / yellow / red updates.

Status: Green

  • Had a great meeting with X Client #awesome

  • Getting there with the SOP with @erika (85%)

  • Preparing Laos Proposal, but a little stuck (@kit can you check on it tomorrow)

  • I’m also pretty sure that the Joma cafe in our building has prices that are 20% more expensive to factor in the discount from Pi Pay… #investigate!

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