Sometimes, team members will need to leave Mäd either for personal/career reasons, or because of performance issues. As Mäd grows and expectations of performance increase, it is natural that not all team members that were good at a certain point in time will be able to make the jump to the next level.

Please note that a correct off-boarding procedure is incredibly important. If there are issues with handovers this may delay your last salary until these issues are resolved. Work proactively with your team lead and team members to ensure that this doesn't happen.

Off-boarding List

  • Bloo

  • Google Takeout for Photos - If the team member has stored personal photos in Google Photos to take advantage of the unlimited backups, we should do a Google Takeout on the photos, and have them saved to the Google account drive and share with them the links to download the photos, and then immediately erase all Google Photos to respect their privacy.

  • Adobe (if applicable)

  • Gitlab (if applicable)

  • Insurance

  • Netflix (Change Passwords)

  • Officevibe - @erika or @manny can delete the user from OfficeVibe

  • Handover of all hardware

  • Return books to Mäd Library

  • Lock Google Account - Google for Business accounts should be suspended immediately, and kept in suspended mode for at least six months, in case emails are required for project purposes. After that period of time, a full Google takeout of all emails can be done, and the account safely deleted.

Last Salary Calculations

To avoid any confusion, this is the calculation we use:

LastSalary=(M/W)x(D)Last Salary = (M/W) x (D)


  • M = Monthly salary

  • W = number of Working days of the month, Mondays to Fridays

  • D = number of Days Hätter worked

As an example, let's say:

  • Your Monthly salary = $1000

  • Your last day is effective on March = 21 days (Mondays to Fridays)

  • Your last working day is March 17, 2019. It happens to be a Sunday, so the last working day is considered as March 15, Friday. That would make it 11 days in March.


Last Salary = ($1000/21 days) = $47.62

Last Salary = $47.62 x 11 days

Last Salary = $523.82

If, on the other hand, you have any outstanding reimbursements or owe Mäd any sums of money, these will also be considered in the calculation of your last pay - i.e. added or deducted.

Your Last Salary will be paid to you on the scheduled pay day, on the assumption that you have properly completed your turn over/handover to your Team Lead or Department Head and s/he confirms that everything has been received in good order.

Issues to Discuss

The person leaving should be informed that any of the following breaches will be met with legal action:

  • Stealing files

  • Approaching Clients, both existing and those already on the New Biz funnel.

  • Poaching Team members

  • Other Breaches of Contract. Make sure you understand which actions may be a breach of contract.

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