At Mäd, everyone has a minimum standard of 18 paid leaves every year. These include sick leaves, special leaves, and all other classifications companies usually have. These 18 days are also on top of the government-mandated public holidays (now 28!)

After passing probation, Hätters are now eligible to take unlimited holidays. This, however, is conditional.

Take what you want or need but you need to inform everyone – your team, Team Lead, Clients, suppliers, everyone who needs to know – well ahead, *not* on the day itself, or a day before, especially for longer breaks.

Log in your day(s) off on Google Calendar and “invite” the necessary people so they are aware of the days you are away. Even if you’ve mentioned this verbally, consider that not everyone will always remember.

If we are expected to work on certain long public holidays, coordinate schedules with your team so not everyone is away on the same days.

Prepare a handover document and set a meeting to discuss details with the people who’ll cover for you while you’re away. The handover must be completed at least 2 days before leaving so any questions can be addressed while you’re still at work.

Turn your Vacation Responder on in Gmail to inform outsiders that you’ll be unavailable. You can turn that on here: Gmail > Cog Icon > Settings > General Tab > scroll down to the bottom.

Preferably, we let people on holiday stay on holiday. Unless it’s an emergency or unless they reach out.

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