You are not a boss

The purpose of management is to serve the team. You are there to ensure that your team can work at their best, and that obstacles to the best possible work are removed.

So, your main aim should be to help make the individuals that make up your team the best they can be.

Help to reduce meta work

Management should ensure that meta-work is reduced as much as possible, and should review processes regularly to ensure that we do not creep into a bureaucracy.

Absolutely No Status Symbols

Regardless of your position at Mad, there are no status symbols or special perks.

Quarterly Meetings

Three weeks prior to the start of a new quarter there is a management planning meeting. This includes:

  • Financial Review

  • Estimated P/L for the current quarter

  • Current Cash Flow analysis for next quarter

  • Discussion on main successes/failures of the current quarter.

  • Any changes that are required.

  • Review all team member scorecards and discuss any issues.

Board Meetings

Mäd’s board is made up of the following members:

  • Emanuele Faja

  • Morten Bech

  • Dung Dinh

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