Key Documents

Offer Letters

Released after a prior discussion between Mäd and the candidate regarding the general role description, monetary offer plus benefits, starting date and time.


A fuller description of the terms and conditions of the Hätter’s engagement with Mäd. Ideally released within the first week of employment for review and (digital) sign off.

Grow Reports

Grow = General Review of Work

Insurance Documents

Released and filled up once the Hätter is confirmed for permanency #woohoo!

Application Form

Details of Benefits

List of Hospitals

Exit Checklist

Exit Checklist

We acknowledge that people will leave the organization for various reasons. This checklist is to ensure that all necessary files, information and Mäd property are correctly accounted for before the Hätter ends their journey.

This is usually released to the member within 3 days of tendering their notice to make sure both the Team Leader and exiting Hätter have ample time to ‘tidy up’ and handover properly.

If a separate project handover is needed, feel free to create a document that would best fit the projects’ requirements.

This is a crucial document that can withhold the Hatter’s last salary if not completed to the Team Leader’s satisfaction.

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