Reviews and Performance

Tackling Performance Problems

If you feel that a team member is not consistently performing up to the Mäd standard, there are choices available to you:

  1. Speak directly to that team member. Find out if there are any issues (whether work or personal) that might be affecting their performance. If there aren’t any, share your observations and/or feelings, and find ways together on how to bring them back on track.

  2. Discuss their performance with some other team members, and see if you can provide a framework for improvement as a team.

  3. Discuss it with your team lead, or @erika or @manny directly.

However way you approach this, ensure that you come from the point of constructive criticism. It’s not useful to just point out to shortcomings or issues, but you need to give suggestions for improvements.


Performance Reviews

  • Probation: monthly review

  • Confirmed: case to case between Team Lead and Member

  • Can be used to justify re-scoping or promotion

Salary Reviews

  • Rule of Thumb: good work/added value gets rewarded

  • Not automatic after probation… but! Exceptions can be made for exceptional performance.

  • No fixed schedule for their application

  • The range of adjustment is Mäd’s discretion (usually based on team and company performance)

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