Simple, Logical, Repeatable.

A key idea of having an SOP is to ensure that we keep our processes simple, logical, and repeatable. This ensures that we don’t have long-term dependencies on any key individual, but that we work as a team.

This means that we can enable everyone to have a sane work-life balance, and ensure that the stifling bureaucracy that happens elsewhere does not happen at Mäd.

The SOP's are not a replacement for common sense.

The best thing to do in any situation is whatever you believe is in the best interest of the company, regardless of what is written here. Reality is far too complex to be effectively represented in a text document, and so the purpose here is not to tell you what to do in any given situation, but to give you a starting point so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time a situation comes up.

This Is Not a Rule Book

These are our standards, if you find a better way…

It’s always Work In Progress (WIP)

This is not an idealized version of how we work, this is how we work right now. And because organizations are always changing, this document will always be in a state of change, with multiple people commenting, reading, writing, changing, and improving the way we do things.

This is Public

This document is linked from our website, and also available via

It’s public because our clients, partners, and prospective hires can see the way we work, and fully understand us.

It keeps us honest.

The Mäd Flywheel

The business flywheel is an established concept that breaks down an organization into its important parts and establishes a cycle that helps the business reach its goals each time it is completed. You’re expected to know and understand the Mäd Flywheel, as it’s key to everything that we do.

Our flywheel is deconstructed into 6 parts:

  • Great Customer Experience – Quality tangible results from Mäd that help our Clients move up. This is absolutely the most important thing to focus on at Mäd.

  • Proof – Potential customers can see real proof of point #1. Comes in the form of WOM, case studies, to name a few.

  • Traffic – More and more potential customers inquire about Mäd’s services as our brand is known.

  • Growth – continuous progress. Agility and adaptability to change.

  • Brand Investment – Investing in making Mäd better (equipment, office, web, social media, culture, education, etc..). This helps drive new talent by making Mäd desirable.

  • Talent Development – Investing in our people, and also finding awesome new people! Making Mäd the best place to work and grow.

Think about that for a second; internalize where and how you and your role fits into this cycle, and what your contribution to Mäd means.

It is also important that you made your way to our Team Handbook.

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