Webflow Hosting

Note that this section quotes pricing from Webflow, and this may change at any time. Visit www.webflow.com/pricing for the latest information.

Once a web project with Mäd that uses Webflow is nearing completion, there are two choices for the client:

  1. To spin up their own Webflow account and have Mäd migrate the site to their account.

  2. To keep the site in Mäd's agency Webflow account.

The choice really comes down to convenience and company policy, and in both scenarios you will make payment directly to Webflow via credit card.


Your Own Account

You'll have access to the front end editor, as well as the design editor (where our design team normally works in crafting your website), and also all the Webflow account settings. You need to manage this account and ensure that your team does not make any changes that cause breakages or issues. In addition, you will need to deal directly with Webflow support for any account issues.

If you need us to make any updates, you'll need to share your account details with us each time we need to make a change.

Your own account will be more expensive that hosting on Mäd's agency account if you require more than two testing websites at a time. This is because of the way Webflow works, if you're making one large change to the design (that takes one or two weeks), no other changes can be pushed live during that time frame. This issue can be side-stepped by having multiple staging websites, but then you end up paying for both the website hosting as well as individual plans.

With Mäd

This means that your website is kept in Mäd's Webflow account - but it is still your website! You'll be able to access the front-end editor to change content as well as create new pages and posts. The design editor and all the other settings are abstracted away, and there are no other logins or settings to worry about.

If you ever need us to make a change or an update to the website, we have your website right in our administration panel and can access the website right away.

Depending on your hosting setup, it can work out slightly cheaper with Mäd as we bundle hosting with our website management subscription service, and we also have bulk hosting rates with Webflow.

Webflow Plans

There are two types of plans available on Webflow:

  1. Site Plans

  2. Account Plans

For 99% of clients, the Site Plans will be the most suitable as you will only be hosting a maximum of one or two websites, and the Account plans have features that are more in line with agency requirements.

If you pay up front for a year, you can save up to two month's worth of hosting fees. We also strongly recommend using the "Business Plan" as this enables the Advanced Global CDN which gives superior speeds in the APAC region.

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