Setting Up an App Store Account


The App Store Developer Program allows app developers and business owners to create applications in the App Store. However, the process is not the most straightforward and requires the correct documentation, which can also vary depending on the region.

This document aims to provide a step by step basis on setting up an account as a business owner. As an agency, we are able to assist with release management, but quite limited with the initial set up.

Create an App Store account.

Having an Apple account will get you started. However, please note that the best practice is to create an App Store account with your domain name (for example: However, you can also create this with your personal App Store account.

The link can be found here:

Please see below for the information required for the form in the following page.

Apple also require you to turn on two factor authentication for security reasons. Please note that this is a necessary step, and it will be impossible to register to a Developer account without two factor authentication turned on.

For more information about turning two-factor authentication please refer to this link:

Enroll to the Apple Developer Account.

The link for the developer account is here:

To get started, click on the blue button link on the top right hand corner of the page, as shown below:

This will take you to a page which explains whether you should enroll as an individual or an organization. Enrolling as an individual will only display the individual’s name in the App Store, whereas enrolling as an organization will also display the business name.

For more information about enrollment, you can access this link:

If your app belongs to an organization, the obvious choice is to enroll as organization, as displayed below:

This will prompt a sign in to your Apple Account:

Log in using your Apple ID. Apple will ask you for a two-factor authentication code that you receive in your device.

Look Up DUNS number

Apple will prompt you to look up the DUNS number if it exists already in their database. They will request for the following information:

  • Country

  • Legal Entity Name

  • Headquarters Address

    • Street Address

    • Town/ City

    • State / Province

    • Postal Code

    • Phone Number

  • Contact Information

    • Given Name

    • Family Name

    • Phone Number

    • Work Email (using domain email is better)

If the DUNS number is not found, Apple require you to submit the information which you have filled in the form and they will send a set of instructions on how to set up the DUNS number in your region.

This will be sent via email, and will be different for different regions.

In Cambodia, this application will need to go through Apple’s Vietnamese partner. The form will be different for different regions. We’ve attached the sample of the form for this task in Asana.

Depending on the provider, they will email you the approval, including the DUNS number.

Complete Registration with DUNS Number

Apple should send you a link to complete your enrollment. Click on the link provided in the email and you will be able to complete the registration.

Apple will send you the confirmation when they have completed their review, and you will b notified via email. Once you receive this confirmation email, you will be able to start adding administrators into this account.

Get Started with your Developer Program

Log in again to your Developer account ( Congratulations! The next step will be to create an iTunes Connect account to enroll to TestFlight program, where you will be able to create the app, add testers and admin into the account.

We will send the instructions for this next.

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